The embryos and their parents, VIP audience at Sharon Corr and Álex Ubago’s concert

As you can watch in the video, the last concert for embryos held at our laboratories, a duet performed by Sharon Corr and Álex Ubago, was very emotional for all of us, but especially for the parents, who were able to follow it live from their mobile devices through the app Embryomobile. As a souvenir, we sent them a personalised video of that memorable day in the life of their babies.

Let us take Patrick as an example. He was part of that VIP audience when he was still an embryo. Now, he has already been for 6 months in his mum’s belly and he will be born in England before the end of the year:

The experience was also unforgettable for the artists, who were impressed about performing in front of the youngest public of their entire music career and to be able to contribute to their embryonic development.

The singer and violinist of the emblematic group “The Corrs”, Sharon Corr, did not hesitate to share her feelings with her followers in the social media: “I feel butterflies in my stomach. It has been a very moving experience. All this process is wonderful and I am surprised about how it works. Deep inside, I am not surprised that music helps embryos to develop, because music is the best therapy on earth. That is why I feel so honoured to have been given the chance to take part in this concert”.  

Álex Ubago also highlighted the special moment he experienced at our laboratories: “How amazing it has been to be part of this nice project and, once again, being able to realise that the power of music is bigger than what we think. Did you know that music influences embryonic and fetal development?”

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