The desire to have a child

I like to say that my speciality is the “most beautiful in the world”. You know that I am driven by a “passion for embryos” that turns every day into a special and exciting adventure helping so many people to achieve their desire to have a baby. I believe that sharing this feeling is an act of generosity. When I explain how families struggle to have a child, everyone is touched. I think it awakens an ancient and very deep feeling. So whenever I have an audience, I take a moment and try to convey this emotion to them. At the last Objetivo Bienestar magazine awards, for example. I was honoured to be selected as one of the women who have contributed the most to women’s health and wellbeing. I was distinguished for the advances and innovation in Assisted Reproduction and I was able to enjoy a fun meeting in Madrid together with the other award-winning brands.

I will always remember how the audience responded to my speech with real emotion. I wanted to explain to them how the desire to have a child is something that has not changed throughout the history of humanity, what has changed are the ways of achieving it, reaching unimagined limits.

When confronted with a diagnosis of infertility, patients face an “emotional roller coaster”, but the desire to have a child is stronger than the inconveniences. We professionals always try to accompany our patients so that they do not lose hope during this process: with the current advances, 95% of women who undergo assisted reproduction treatment manage to become mothers.  I usually tell them that they have to fight to the end, wars are not always won in the first battle.

Award ceremony with the presenter of the event, Elsa Anka



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