Becoming a mother after cancer is possible

Today, Breast Cancer Awareness Day, our clinics have gone pink as a message of hope: it is possible to become a mother after overcoming cancer.

The incidence of cancer in young people is increasing but so are treatments that cure it. Currently, 85% of people under 50 years beat cancer.

However, in spite of the advances, when cancer is diagnosed it is often forgotten that, in the future, when the illness is cured, women could want to become mothers and the focus is set on the risks of recurrence of the illness during pregnancy.

Increasingly, women have to win two battles: first, against cancer and second against the obstacles put by medical teams and their closer environment, which tend to insist in not taking any risks because of a pregnancy.

At Institut Marquès we have been sending out the message to the scientific community not to say no as a rule to women with a history of cancer who wish to have a baby.

This is so frequent that we receive many patients in our Oncology and Reproduction Unit. From the total amount of women that ask for our advice, the beginning of treatment is approved in 91% of the cases and the pregnancy rate is very high: 82% of the patients have a baby.

Our experience shows that if a previous evaluation approves it, risks are simply the ones involved in pregnancy. As women, we know that a pregnancy involves some risks for our health, but we accept them.

That is why, if you are in this fight, I would like to tell you not to give up. One of the more exciting things in our work is to be able to help women like you, great warriors! There is nothing more rewarding than contribute to the stories of personal overcoming, as for instance Elena, who after a very hard vital experience, full of obstacles, got to become a mother. Keep being brave! We are at your side.




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