The future of Assisted Reproduction

When we feel that life has given us the opportunity to achieve some of our dreams, to experience our passion for some things, I think we should commit ourselves to passing them on to others. It is a beautiful way to return it to life.

Driven by this passion, for many years we have been opening our In Vitro Fertilisation laboratory to students who are interested in biology and medicine. We organise visits in small groups of boys and girls; they are privileged students who have obtained a spot thanks to their good grades. They live it as a prize. They are young people who are in high school, at a crucial moment in their careers: choosing their profession.

I am very proud to see how they leave the lab in awe. They are fascinated to see live what they have only seen in a book or on a website. Our biologists love to explain their work to them and let them witness the miracles that happen every day inside the incubators.

Our way of contributing to the future of Assisted Reproduction is by studying, researching, innovating and sharing our knowledge with our colleagues at the most important congresses in our sector. But also by passing on the seed of “embryonic passion” to these students who, tomorrow, will continue working to make the dream of so many people with difficulties in having a baby come true.

Here is a video of one of the last visits.

*Remember that if you want to watch the video in your language you can use You Tube’s automatic translator with subtitles.

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