The forest of embryos: a forest, a tree, a life

Some days ago, I had the chance to visit one of the projects of Institut Marquès I feel more proud about: The Forest of Embryos. Right in the middle of the mountains of Mare de Déu de la Roca, in Mont-roig del Camp (province of Tarragona), over 500 oaks symbolise the greatness of life and reproduction, the success of our work and our contribution to preserve the environment. All this has been possible thanks to the agreement we signed a year ago with the environmental organisation “L’Escurçó” and the municipality of Mont-roig del Camp, so that this forest will always be protected.

Fecundating and fertilising

For every child born thanks to its fertility treatments Institut Marquès plants a tree identified with a plaque with the name of the baby. Together with Joan Manel Olivella, president of “L’Escurçó”, I was able to wander around the forest (under a blistering sun), water the little oaks and check how they have grown since the last time I was there. During this year of life of the project, 800 families of 25 different nationalities have requested to have their oak planted. The best of it all is that we have renewed the collaboration agreement to keep reforesting that protected area… With 1,000 more trees! We would like families to go and visit whenever they want. To this purpose, Institut Marquès sends them a picture, as well as the geolocalisation of their tree, a proposal that has already attracted visitors from all over the world to this area.

Environmentally conscious

It is very moving to see the small oaks sprouting: after a year, they are just a thin trunk with leaves and they are just 30 cm above ground. They are like babies: so weak when they are little, so strong when they are growing up! This visit also made me realise of the devastating effects that fire has and how difficult it is to reforest. It takes a lot of effort, care and time.

At Institut Marquès we are concerned about the impact that environmental pollution by chemical toxics has on people’s health and male fertility. Indeed, one of our studies points out that Tarragona is one of the provinces with the worst sperm quality.

This forest, full of life, is a sample of the commitment of Institut Marquès towards the defense and preservation of the environment. We want to raise awareness and do our bit by planting a tree whenever a child is born thanks to our assisted reproduction treatments in order to leave a better world for these children. We strongly believe in this and part of the team of Institut Marquès celebrated it in the Chapel of the Mare de Déu de la Roca, in a unique setting.

We invite you to pay it a visit!

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