Ovarian Rejuvenation

 The current delay of motherhood implies that many women find themselves with a diminished ovarian reserve that limits the possibilities of achieving a pregnancy with their own oocytes.

When the ovarian age is over 43 years old or when the anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) is very low, few eggs are obtained when the ovarian puncture is performed and In Vitro Fertilisation is carried out. In addition, the vast majority of these present alterations in the separation of their chromosomes. In other words, a healthy child is rarely obtained.

For this reason, the appropriate treatment for these patients is Donor Egg IVF.

This is difficult to cope with. It requires acceptance, renunciation and a deep desire to be a mother.

Many women do not assume it and want to do everything possible to try with their own eggs. Unfortunately, this leads to the emergence of experimental, expensive, ineffective and misleading techniques.

These techniques go by different names: “ovarian reactivation” “ovarian regeneration” “ovarian rejuvenation”… Some are based on extracting fragments of the ovaries, treating them on the spot and reimplanting them via laparoscopy. Others inject platelets and growth factors into the ovaries via a vaginal puncture. And still others inject substances into the blood that are supposed to activate bone marrow stem cells.

We must remember that infertility is a disease and we must be rigorous in its treatment. To date, no ovarian rejuvenation technique has proven to be effective.


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