Egg donation: risks of false advertising

In recent months we have been seeing many patients who have not become pregnant after cycles of treatment with egg donation in clinics where they were “ensured” a high number of eggs or even a certain number of blastocysts.

Offering or ensuring many eggs or blastocysts leads to worse pregnancy rates, because in order to get what was promised, eggs and blastocysts of poor quality are considered as good ones. Blastocysts of bad quality, which do not implant and can lead to micro-miscarriages, should not be cryopreserved, let alone perform cryotransfer cycles with them.

In reproductive medicine we can only ensure a job is well done being transparent by allowing patients to see the development and quality of their embryos through a connection with our mobile app, “Embryomobile”, and by presenting our statistics certified by official agencies. What we cannot do is ensure the outcome of each cycle, because it depends on many factors.

The amount of eggs required for a treatment cycle to end in pregnancy depends mainly on the quality of each laboratory, of the eggs and of the male’s sperm. However, it is impossible to know in advance how many blastocysts will be formed. In any case, the number doesn’t matter, but its quality.

At Institut Marquès 90% of the transfers carried out are of a single embryo. In this way, twin pregnancies and the risks these involve are avoided. Furthermore, this also maintains and even improves pregnancy rates. This is the conclusion of a recent study by Institut Marquès that was awarded the First Prize of the Interest Area of Sterility and Infertility in the 35th edition of the National Congress of the Spanish Gynaecology and Obstetrics Society (SEGO), which was held in Málaga this year. Compared with the data of the Spanish Fertility Society, our better success rates are evident, following our policy of transferring a single embryo. Look at the results of the last 2 years of Institut Marquès’ egg donation program. They can qualify as exceptional.

As a healthcare professional I am ashamed to think that medicine can become an “auction”, regardless of the consequences. Sterility is an illness and no one should play with it by deceiving patients with the frustrations and the costs involved. It is regrettable to see aggressive advertising that goes against all ethics and reality.

I invite you to read the post “The Price of an IVF”, where I list the factors that distinguish one clinic from another. This will help you understand the importance of the quality parameter within assisted reproduction.

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