Health Science Academy, “Ilustre Academia de Ciencias de la Salud Ramón y Cajal”

cordon y pin

“Cordón y Pin de Académicos”.

I am happy because I received a very nice award. I think that for most of the people working in the care area awards are very intimate celebrations, since we can see the fruit of our work: in my case, to see the face of a much-desired baby; in the case of a teacher, to see how a student manages to improve; or in the case of a firefighter, rescuing someone.
Public recognition tends to cause an effect of modesty on us, since we have the feeling that we should have done more to deserve that recognition.

con mis hermanas

My sisters Rocío and Margarita joined me.

That is why my sisters wanted to be by my side on that day and they enjoyed even more than myself the appointment ceremony for new members of the prestigious Health Science Academy, Ilustre Academia de Ciencias de la salud Ramón y Cajal, and the delivery of the “Cordón y Pin de Académico”.

It was a wonderful event, where it was stressed the will to acknowledge and thank the commitment of people who devote their life to others and who have made research in the area of health their own present and the future of others.


sala actos

Conference Hall of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

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