Embryos, welcome to paradise

With all the enthusiasm in the world, today I would like to open the doors of our clinic. We want it to be the place where the adventure of having a child begins: from the moment when the patients get in touch with us until they come back to introduce their baby to us.

The clinic has been designed after many years of experience in the assisted reproduction field, so that it has been like making the wedding list 20 years after getting married: you do not make as many mistakes, since you already know what you really need.

The whole decoration is a reflection of our corporate plans that, as you probably already know, are music, ecology and passion for the beginning of life. The decoration at the laboratories is inspired by the series CSI and it is conceived as a giant uterus, with hardly any light nor smell and keeping a sterile atmosphere at a constant temperature of 37 degrees, as well as a positive pressure in order to avoid the entrance of pollutants. The parents-to-be can watch the embryos through a window, because we want to be like the best restaurants that show their kitchens with total transparency.

I would like you to discover it personally in this virtual tour. Would you like to come with me?


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