Sperm quality and chemical toxics

“Toxics are breaking our balls”. Under this motto, we want to alert about the environmental pollution caused by chemical toxics, which is the main cause of the worsening of the males’ sperm quality. Our scientific studies confirm it: they show that the causes classically attributed to this worsening (such as stress, tight pants, alcohol, etc.) are a myth and that the origin of the problem are indeed chemical toxics (endocrine disruptors).

After having carried out this pioneer research in Spain, we keep on studying the semen quality. Currently, research studies are being carried out in Italy and in Ireland. Thanks to them, we want to determine the status of the males’ sperm of the countries that are at the two ends of the European birth rate. Whereas Italy records the lowest, Ireland has the highest birth rate of Europe by woman in fertile age.

The campaign, carried out in Italy and in Ireland, has aroused the interest of the media, the scientific community and the public. Within weeks of its start, over 80 European media have echoed the news and almost a hundred of Irish and Italian men have enrolled through the web pages of the trial both in Italy (www.lesostanzetossichehannorottolepalle.it) and in Ireland (www.toxicsarebreakingourballs.ie). In this way, they can get to know the quality of their sperm through the semen assessment (seminogram) that we offer, which is free of charge and anonymous.

It is important to act in two areas: on the one hand, it is necessary to break the taboo of infertility. In one of our Irish centres, we have been asked to remove the campaign poster!!!

On the other hand, it is important to educate the public opinion about the effects of environmental pollution caused by chemical toxics. Because of this, we are one of the several institutions that have signed the manifesto “Citizens for Science in Pesticide Regulation” to demand a reform on the use of pesticides in the European Union. The text advocates for an independent regulation without vested interests.

Furthermore, we contribute to fight this worrying trend with our project The Forest of Embryos. This is a project carried out in collaboration with the environmental organisation “L’Escurçó” in Tarragona. With their help, we are planting a tree for each child born thanks to our Assisted Reproduction treatments.

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