When does life start?

This year, during my Christmas speech I spoke about when do we believe that human life begins.

Always with the music as a backdrop, this year we have celebrated a party based around ABBA’s music.

As I said, in this party I took the opportunity to reflect on “When does life begin?”:


When does life start?

When exactly does a human life begin?

In conversations and discussions about this issue, when I am asked about my opinion, I always answer very professionally that if you transfer a good embryo in a well-prepared womb lining… it cries 9 months later.

But now, I have changed my mind. Thanks to all our efforts and those of many other colleagues and also thanks to the continuous advances in technology, I believe that life begins when a single woman, a single man or a couple who loves each other feels the desire to have a child.

In the consultations, we see every day the struggle in our patients, their commitment, their resignation, their tenacity, and we also see how, when they finally have their baby, they think all their efforts were worth it because THIS ONE is precisely the child they wanted and we are touched when they hold him in their arms and let him know how they feel.

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