Vaginal concert for foetuses

This week I went to a concert for pregnant women organized by Babypod.

It was hilarious as on arrival I went to the bathroom at the events hall and the show was beginning here, in front of the mirror. It was filled with lots of pregnant women with big bellies who were entering to put in the Babypod and before leaving they were fixing cord of the device coming out the vagina, they were laughing between them at seeing each other.

Soraya began turning to her “intrauterine public” with incredible affection, she sang wonderfully (own songs and carols), she invited them to dance with her on the stage, took pictures, made statements in five languages ​​and earned the admiration from all of us. The truth is that Soraya is a great artist and an endearing person.

For me, it was an impressive moment. The company, who has marketed the device designed for scientific study, told me that it is sold online for pregnant women worldwide. And now, seeing all these moms and babies together united by music and the desire to give their children the best and knowing which are the first babies in the world listening to carols before even being born, excited me tremendously.

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