IgNobel Medicine Award

I have just arrived from Boston and I want to share with you my joy to have received this award that represents a recognition by these prestigious universities. It makes me particularly excited because they try to bring science closer to everyone in a pleasant and funny way.

They treated us like heroes of science adventure comic books with great respect and constant amusement. For example, before the Harvard Awards ceremony, we were shown the facilities lined up in a row, with lots of excitement and laughter.
To walk around the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, we were labelled as “IG NOBEL SPECIMEN” and teachers and students wouldn’t stop asking us questions as well as for practical examples. The Korean physicist who studied fluid dynamics moonwalked like Michael Jackson as he carried a cup of coffee in his hand (without spilling any!).

The award-winners dinner took place at the place of one of the professors. It was absolutely endearing, even the soprano of the gala sang “Happy Birthday” to the English researcher who studies the ears.

Some of us have a more developed sense of humour and all this amuses us, but others are more serious and made an effort to go through the event. But thanks to that, the global impact on the media has been incredible.






I am posting some of the pics of Institut Marquès’s group during our stay in Boston.

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