First pregnancy at Institut Marquès thanks to Fertile

You know how much I love sharing good news with you. This time, I am particularly proud to explain you how we have obtained a pregnancy on the first cycle carried out using Fertile.

Institut Marques_FertileNow, you may ask yourselves: what is Fertile? This is a new technique to select the healthiest spermatozoids, so that the chances of successful fertilisation increase considerably. To give you an idea of how Fertile works, I’ll explain it to you with a sports analogy. Imagine two swimming pools connected by a channel. The swimmers start in the largest one and have to cross the channel to get to the other pool. Only the fastest and strongest will manage. This is exactly what sperm does with Fertile: a simulation of the path they travel in the genital tract. In this athletic competition, we select the Ironman of the spermatozoids. We want to choose the best and the healthiest one!

At Institut Marquès we don’t want to leave the man aside (only a few clinics have their own Andrology Unit). Until now one could think that choosing a spermatozoid to inject it directly into the egg was enough. However, although this spermatozoid can look very good and have a great motility, it can still have problems, for example, DNA fragmentation. So it is not just about selecting the sperm by its appearance, but we have to try and choose the healthiest one (using a manual microscope or by IMSI). And we can do so with a technique like Fertile, which we have just implemented in our laboratories.

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