Four months have gone since our patients can watch their embryos from home whenever they want to. When we set the idea in motion, we didn’t know how they’d react… and today all the gynecologists in our sterility team have come together to comment on it…

The most repeated word in the meeting was “excitement”, patients are amazed by what they see through Embryoscope.

Dr. Hans Arce comments that ever since the ladies who get pregnant have the video, he no longer speaks of embryos, they are now “minichildren”… We all laughed, he’s the funniest in the team.

Dr. Flor Steinvarcel explains that many patients are worried about the embryos whose develoment ceases and ask about them before they ask about the rest. The way she speaks is special, as Flor is 4 months pregnant now and has lived this recently. Of all the people I know, she’s the perfect combination between vocation and sensitivity.

Dr. Federica Moffa asserts many of her patients have stopped watching their embryos since their emotions become overwhelming. They are aware they cannot phone us at 5 a.m. to ask what has happened. Federica is perfection.

Dr. Jordi Suñol is mostly surprised by the amount of knowledge our patients gain on embryology. They search the internet and submerge into the science in order to understand everything that happens to their embryos. Jordi is our Scientific Director, if you hadn’t guessed yet!

Dr. Victoria Walker brings the attention to how our Australian patients feel, since she deals with many of them. She praises the beauty of the whole situation when, whilst the patient waits for her transfer in Barcelona, she shares the images with her husband in Australia. Victoria is Britain’s top crowning jewel.

Dr. Angel López asserts many patients know before we do which embryos will be transfered, and come to him asking whether they were right. Curiously enough, they usually are! Beauty is simmetry and the absence of imperfections. Angel is the team’s Assistential Head and his parents were absolutely right when they chose a name for him.

Dr. Anna Martí illustrates how patients feel when they see cells moving sharply during division, like an explosion of life! Anna is the soul of our team.

Dr. Gloria Garcia Solano thinks Embryoscope is great, but like everything good in life it must have a negative aspect… Watching how some embryos stop dividing is an unpleasant surprise. Gloria coordinates the Egg Donor Programme and always takes good care of them and us.

Dr. Ferrán García, Head of Andrology, congratulates us for the idea. Just imagine how awesome Ferrán is: he explores testicles and we’ve never received a complaint! Don’t laugh! Men hate it but are up for it with such a great doctor in charge.

Dr. Alejandro Aldape highlights that patients have “privileged information” before we do, since they watch the embryos all day long whilst biologists watch the whole video from the day before first thing each morning. Alejandro is intelligent and serene.

Dr. Daniel Sosa exposes that patients don’t understand how an embryo that has divided that same day cannot be transfered or vitrified because it has an abnormality that only experts can see. Daniel is both clever and kind.

Dr. Carla Castell gets as excited as the patients do. Carla is the combination of hard work and sensitivity, a perfect mix for a doctor.

Dr. Braulio Peramo encourages us to maintain our “embryonary passion” from Dubai, where he’s staying for some months working on an important project.

It’s funny how we, sterility gynaecologists, are discovering all these aspects we were unaware of, and do so hand by hand with our patients. Who would have guessed!

What we all have been told is that they will watch their embryos every single night for several hours.

Thus, we’ve created a system so our patients can watch their embryos at all times from their cell phone, and it will be launched today!!!

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