“Embryo’s Big Brother”

The National Sterility Congress is taking place this week, and one of Institut Marquès’ contributions consists of our learnings on the embryos thanks to the Embryoscope.

When our center’s biologists come into the In Vitro Fertilization lab every morning they are fascinated by every embryo’s video.

These images are so shocking that we have been wanting to share them with our patients ever since we first saw them, in order to share our excitement with them… At first, I personally felt sorry as they were missing on such a beautiful process, so we started designing a system to put an end to this situation. After much work, this week the new system is all set to see the green light: all our patients can access their embryos’ images from their homes, see how every one of them is at that same moment, and how it has developed since fertilization. It’s like an “Embryo Big Brother”… watch the video, it’s worth it!


  1. jalpa Reply

    Hey I had my transfer yesterday it was weak embrow
    I m just hoping it should be fine

  2. Favor Reply

    I have my embryo transfer 5 days ago since 3 days i have been spotting i hope am good

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Good morning. Spotting at that point can be due to various reasons. I advise you to consult the medical team in charge of your treatment to solve all your doubts. Best regards and best of luck!

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