Our cutting-edge technology in IVF gets to the Imperial College

When we talk about the latest technology related to IVF we tend to think about cutting- edge technology or in novel equipment for laboratories. We go a step further. We have incorporated technology to everything we do, inside and outside the laboratory. This has caught the attention of the media and of scientists from all over the world.

Such has been the impact that The Imperial College in London has invited us to present our most innovative proposals in assisted reproduction. It is an honour to be present in one of the most prestigious universities in Europe and share with over 700 spectators, with all tickets sold out, some of our latest technological additions:

  • We have made the embryos dance in order to improve IVF results. Even with live music!
  • Thanks to Babypod we have found out that babies hear from week 16 of pregnancy. We have managed to communicate with the foetus while it is still in the belly of its mother and thousands of women are already using this device.
  • We are the only centre in the world that allows their patients to see the real evolution of their embryos from the mobile. Embryomobile is an extraordinary example of transparency.
  • We make use of telemedicine so that males can follow their treatment wherever they are. They no longer need to come to our clinics to deliver their sperm sample. If they prefer, either for privacy reasons or because they are far away from home, they can auto freeze their own sample thanks to a new technique that has been developed and patented by Institut Marquès.
  • We have incorporated Virtual Reality in all our sample-collecting rooms in order to obtain the best sperm sample. We have proved that erotic visual stimulation improves the quality of sperm.

We try to give more than what people expect: we dream, imagine and invent. Excellence, for me, is a state of mind.

This video sums up our visit at the Imperial College:

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