IVF to the Beat of the Music. We Have Made our Embryos Dance

I couldn’t imagine the enormous impact of the publication of the results of the In vitro Fertilization with music, both among colleagues from other centers, our patients and the media.

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Once the scientific study was presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction’s congress (ESHRE) in July 2013, the doctors were dying of desire to talk about this with the parents of the first-born children. It’s funny because, even though the embryos have no sense of hearing, they all tell us stories that closely relate their children with music: they cease to weep when they hear music, it helps them to sleep… What it really is a striking coincidence is an Italian twin that, ever since he was very small, seems to be singing.

After discovering that musical vibrations improve the fertilization rate, we have implemented them to all of our incubators.

The songs are selected based on the choices of the biologists because they constantly hear them when they open the incubators and they play at a very high volume.

The music style is changed every month although we have seen no differences between them. This month is very lively as we have heavy metal playing.

Patients can see from their computer or mobile phone how their embryos develop in the Embryoscope and also listen to the music playing. It’s exciting!

Now we are continuing with this line of research to find out if music also improves embryo development and its implantation in the uterus. I will keep you updated…

First baby born in UK with musical IVF

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