It Is Always The Woman’s Fault…

One must admit that in the last decades things have changed for the better and, nowadays, we can discuss a seminogram without any incidents.

Four years ago, the School of Medics in Barcelona found out that a patient tried to assault me; more specifically, he tried to throw me out the window! Since they were worried about medical assaults they encouraged me to bring charges.

At the trial the patient stated: “ Your Honor, this woman tried to perform a testicular biopsy on me.” The judge’s mixed reaction of surprise, fright and astonishment was somewhat… amusing.

When a specialist in Assisted Reproduction suggests a biopsy of the endometrium, it is understood that it’s only a regular test, necessary for the analysis of a patient’s fertility, whereas when we ask for a testicular biopsy, the male usually asks whether it wouldn’t be better “to go directly to the sperm bank”…

The myth that fertility is associated to the male and that sterility is associated to women is slowly vanishing. It’s a myth that’s changing at the same pace as all the daily situations that women are faced with in our society.

I’m referring to comments such as those made by mother-in-laws and their friends: “His clothes are much better matched since he got married”, or “they don’t have children yet because she loves going out, travelling, the gym… she’s a bit selfish”, or even “they haven’t had children because she’s waited way too long and now she’s already got a certain age…”

Both socially and reproductively, women haven’t yet gained the presumption of innocence.

That is still the big issue: We are innocent until proven guilty.

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