Babies Come Without An Instruction Manual

Both gynecologists and pediatricians are constantly surprised that most couples haven’t changed a diaper or don’t even know about the umbilical cord up until the moment of labor.

We ask ourselves: have they never taken care of a baby, even if only for a little while? Haven’t they wondered about their own belly buttons? What were they thinking about during these last nine months?

Additionally, they’re usually couples that have broad awareness on common knowledge; they thoroughly get ready for any task, they read about a movie before they watch it at the movie theaters, they study touristic guides before going on a trip… but, nevertheless, they’re widely unaware of many details about the little one that will soon change their lives… quite a lot more than any book or holiday trip.

This has a logical explanation: historically, women were supposed to know how to take care of a baby. Up until recently, it was always us who were in charge of the younger siblings until they got married and started with their own pregnancy cycle.

Suddenly, with no prior notice, intermediate generations changed. We realize that the natural instinct of nursing a baby hasn’t remained in our specie’s genes, and all those supposedly innate tasks must be taught to us.

In the society of information, masters, and on-line courses we live in, where the younger generation has reached top levels of preparation, where everything is studied, all is examined… it’s reasonable to think that, without any previous training, parents will be childcare experts and will know how to feed their newborn or appease its inconsolable crying.

The intensest moment is the day the couple is discharged from the hospital after their first labor, since it suddenly comes to them that they have no clue about how to take care of their baby and don’t dare to leave. They demand information and tips immediately! Well, well, if we were to film all these situations it would be worth a good comedy movie!

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