Having a baby in a pandemic

I have had the honour of being one of those selected by Objetivo Bienestar magazine as one of the women who have made the greatest contribution to women’s health and wellbeing this year. I have been distinguished for the advances and innovation in Assisted Reproduction and I have been able to share with the other awarded brands a fun meeting that took place in Madrid. I will always remember how the attendees responded to my speech with real emotion. I wanted to explain how we have lived these months at Institut Marquès and how women who need medical help to become mothers have had to go through the pandemic missing what they most wanted.

Award ceremony with the presenter of the event, Elsa Anka

You can read it here…

The desire to have a child has not changed throughout the history of mankind, but the ways to achieve it are not the same.

More and more people need medical help to become parents and that is why during the COVID thousands of children have not been born. They closed our centres, people were not allowed to travel from other countries to Spain, where they come for better results and more humane laws.

During those months that have forced or taught us to value more than ever our home, our family and our feelings… a baby was missing in their arms.

We have reacted with what was needed: telemedicine.
By making online consultations the way the patients wanted them to be.
They have appreciated more than ever that we are the only ones who allow online connection to the incubators, so that they can watch the development of their embryos live.
We had invented the formula for patients to freeze the sperm themselves and send it to the clinic; it was time to use the “telesperm”.
We have developed a method to ship and transfer the embryos at the patient’s home with the same results; we are almost ready to use the “teletransfer”.

The pandemic has changed our values about health and illness and now we want more health controls, more information, more transparency, more sustainable medicine with only the necessary travel, more humanised, and much more respectful of our privacy.

Reaching unsuspected limits to help fulfil the desire to be parents is what we are dedicated to at Institut Marquès and today we have been rewarded for doing so.


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