Covid-19 and Male Fertility

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen publications of all kinds about COVID and its effect on the quality of semen: that it may cause the fragmentation of sperm DNA, that it may be that the inflammation of the testicles is a symptom of the disease, etc. We have also read that COVID can get spread through sperm, but also that it cannot transmit it … Sometimes, as in this case, excess information misinforms and causes confusion, especially since many of these news contradict each other.

People who are thinking of starting an Assisted Reproduction treatment or who are in the middle of the process live with concern this avalanche of information about the virus and male fertility. Therefore we wanted to clear up any doubts with a study that has a sufficient basis to show whether or not COVID can affect the male reproductive function.

We have tried to put a bit of humour into the matter: we have changed the motto of our last study on semen quality; the new one is “COVID is breaking our balls”. Men over 18 years of age can participate in it, whether or not they have been in contact with the coronavirus, so that we can compare the two groups. Taking part in the study is free and totally confidential. It is only necessary to sign up on the web, fill out a questionnaire and bring a semen sample to one of our clinics in Barcelona, Rome or Clane. We will analyse the sample with by means of semen assessment and each of the participants will be provided by a complete report explained by a specialist, something that can be very useful to know one’s sperm quality and prevent problems in the future.

As you know, at Institut Marques we have carried out the first studies on semen quality in Spain, Italy and Ireland. We have shown that environmental toxins are the main cause of the increase in poor semen quality in today’s population. We will see what happens now with COVID, I will let you know… Check out how fun the advertising posters are!


  1. M Reply

    I had tested positive for Covid 19 in April 2020. Is there a way to know if my sperm has been affected by Covid?

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear M. We are currently running a trial in Spain and Italy in order to find out whether Covid-19 affects or not the quality of sperm. You should ask your doctor to prescribe you a semen assessment and forward the report to your Andrologist so that he/she can explain you the results. Regards.

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