Longing for pregnancy in times of coronavirus

My experience with patients these past months has been really wonderful. Many have told me that the lockdown has made them realise even in a clearer way the importance of “where and whom with they lived” and that they have missed having a baby. I am struck by how pregnant women and those women who want to get pregnant are the ones that have been least afraid; they knew that COVID 19 does not affect pregnancy and they have bet on life more than ever.

We have also had cases where patients were about to start an IVF cycle to get a second child but they have decided to wait a little bit and vitrify their eggs, since lockdown with a child has been really stressful at times and their partners have said that, for the time being, they do not want any more children.

On the other hand, the fact of having to wait to be able to carry out the treatment, the uncertainty of not knowing for how long, the fear over time in women with advanced ovarian age, the pressure of their immediate environment by disadvising them for fear of the virus, the possible economic consequences and suddenly, so many hours to think… all these has caused a lot of anxiety.

Still, with my colleagues we have discussed about how you have helped us by encouraging us to restart treatments as soon as possible and how the excitement and love for a little one, still unknown, can fill a heart with hope.

I also wished for a pregnancy in times of coronavirus to feel the love I now feel for a little one an inch big that I have met thanks to an ultrasound picture… I am going to have my first grandchild!

I am showing you these videos with the music we have been playing during these past months in our embryo incubators and during the ultrasounds with Babypod.

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