Coronavirus, IVF and pregnancy

The world is currently undergoing an exceptional situation no one had ever known; I say the world, because we are talking about a pandemic (epidemic that has spread over several countries). The outbreak of coronavirus that has led the Spanish government to declare the state of alarm will require in the coming weeks that we provide our greatest dose of individual and collective responsibility.
At Institut Marquès we are implementing the recommendations made by the Ministry of Health and by the national and European scientific societies of our sector (SEF and ESHRE). We are very aware of the constant updating of all these measures and prepared to act accordingly at every step in order to ensure the safety of our team and our patients. But first and foremost, we must remain calm. In our facilities you will find everywhere hydro alcoholic gel dispensers, tissues or garbage bins with pedal so that you do not have to touch them with your hands. We have increased the disinfection of our consulting rooms and removed from the waiting areas magazines and brochures. Furthermore, we have cancelled all group activities, such as talks and workshops for patients in order to reduce contamination risks. These are some of the measures implemented in face of this unprecedented situation that has altered our day to day.
You’ll ask me what my advice is on what you, who plan to start treatment or have just started or completed treatment, should do. Well, those of you who are already at it, you need not to fear. According to the Spanish Society for Fertility (SEF), the virus is not transmitted from the mother to the foetus. There is no evidence that it is present in reproductive biological material (oocytes, sperm, embryos) or related biological fluids (follicular fluid, sperm) nor in genital secretions (vaginal, uterine). The SEF adds that there has not been an aggravation of the disease in infected pregnant patients to date, and there has not been and increased number of miscarriages since this crisis began. Regarding this, you can remain calm. The best thing to do now is to keep yourself informed, but always from creditworthy and rigorous sources, and above all, you should trust our professionals and take into account their guidance and advice.
During the next days we will keep assisting our patients via videoconference and only emergency consultations will be allowed in person. At Institut Marquès we are the first to avoid the spread and contagion of a disease as new as it is expansive and that keeps us all in suspense. But life makes its way, and as soon as this serious episode is under control, it will do so more forcefully than ever.

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