The end of lockdown and the beginning for many new families

We are waiting for the end of lockdown due to Coronavirus with the same enthusiasm as our patients. People who have had to interrupt their IVF cycle because of the COVID-19 crisis or who are waiting to start their Assisted Reproduction treatment have become, more than ever, our own family.

They tend to have different reactions to this situation: express fear that the time to start or continue with the treatment may be delayed again, concerns about whether their frozen embryos or the pregnancy may be affected by the virus, but we also receive many happy pictures of those who are spending the lockdown with their baby. We talk to all of them on a regular basis and try to help them live this time with peace of mind and confidence.

The best we can offer our patients is information, advice and show them how we are taking care of their embryos. COVID-19 should not worry them; as you know, the coronavirus does not affect embryos and it cannot be transmitted during pregnancy. Therefore, doctors, biologists and all our team of patient´s assistants wanted to record this video, in order to give courage to everyone who is waiting. 

I want to share with you the enthusiasm with which my team is living this moment. I am very proud of the involvement and the energy they are showing. This recording is a tribute to future parents around the world who these days are immersed in their project of starting a family.

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